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We have taken End Of Empire to a number of shows since we first wrote it in 2004/5.

Playing games at shows is great fun as we often are able to get out far more of our scenery than we would for a game at home, none of us have room for a 12' by 6' table at home so we love to fill a table with London buildings, or a wilderness board or on some occasions both. 

It also gives us the opportunity to share EOE with others and see how other gamers respond to it. And so far the response has been great. We now have a number of 'regulars' who play at every show we go to and they help to complicate the mayhem, thanks fellas.


Each time we go to a show we try to produce new scenery, new hand outs and new ways to cause chaos. On top of that we try to record it all as we go. Click on the images below to look at some of the shows we have attended.