Events: SALUTE 2010



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Salute 2010 saw the triumphant return of End Of Empire to the Excel centre and this year we did something a little new.
The one thing that has always struck me about EOE at big shows is that we seem to take an awful lot of scenery and then only use a small amount at a time as the nature of an adventure game is that it happens in a small place.

So this year's plan had to enable us to use more of the table at once. What we needed was, wait for it, a wargame. But me being me, I thought that would be too easy so I settled on a wargame and an adventure game both running simultaneously, which is exactly what we did.

Right then a few problems immediately threw themselves in front of the great steam powered juggernaut that is End Of Empire. Most importantly, EOE isn't a wargame so we needed a few rules, oh yes and some armies too.

Nevertheless we went ahead with the plan. Pete was to run the adventure game and I was to run the wargame. Now all we needed was good premise and the rest as they say is history (even if it was an alternative one)

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