Events: SALUTE 2008



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Salute 08 saw us with one of our best games yet. However having won  prizes at the previous three Salutes we were not surprised when we didn't win anything this year, although Ben deserved an award for the awesome, handouts, player clues and posters he produced. Apart from the poster to the left check out the Loch Awe pages in the scenarios section of this site to appreciate his great contribution.
This year's campaign "The Terror Of Loch Awe" was a bonkers attempt to get both a London board and a wilderness board both in use. It featured Sir Henry and Lady Annabelle, of course, plus some cowlled cultists and some hairy highlanders.

As we often do, we combined some scenarios together to make one longer playing  game. The basic premise this time round was that some barking mad Scotsman wished to do his bit for Scottish Nationalism by invoking a daemon of un paralleled power to sever the union. He would do so by returning some ancient Scottish heirlooms to the rightful place and then performing the rite of summoning. this all came about because of a small castle model I was working on and some great beasties Pete had bought at a comic book store. For further details about the scenarios go to the Terror of Loch Awe in the Scenarios section.

Needless to say we had a great day. We were joined by a variety of old friends and veterans and mayhem ensued. I seem to remember that it all went pear shaped in each game and a big gribblie was summoned up more than once.

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Please note that we will be resting End Of Empire at shows in 2009. SOTG will be at our usual shows but with something a little different. I am apologising in advance so you know. A few years ago I was renowned for taking Warhammer Ahoy! to Gamesday, the year I didn't all I was asked during the day was "Where is AHOY!?"