Events: Salute 2006



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                           The 3.9 Steps                                  

Cor Blimey Guv'nor

We were delighted to win an award in 2005 and never expected to go one better. One guy, Steve, who plays a lot of our games, said in 2005 that I said  I wasn't going to produce any more scenery for a while, well, I did take a couple of months off, but then both Pete and I launched into a pretty big building project which saw the completion of several new buildings including All Saint's Church, The Green Dragon public house, an enormous museum, a mad scientist's rambling house and several new smaller houses. This led to the creation of this year's London table.

We created a series of scenarios that made it possible for us to start running a game with only one participant and then play in more people as they arrived. The scenarios would normally be played one at a time, but on the day we ran them back to back, which worked very well to give a game that last 60-90 minutes.

As with most of our campaigns it was a little complicated, but in a nut shell there was a cab chase, a race against time and a firefight. The players had to stop the Foreign secretary from being assassinated, stop some secret plans falling into the wrong hands, prevent the assassins escaping and not get London too badly shot up by a bunch of renegade Germans with experimental submachine guns.

The game was played through three times with  varying degrees of success. The Foreign Secretary was killed in all three games. At least one cab was crashed in every game (I am going to have to get another cab model to make a wreck) The assassins were usually caught by some stalwart bobbies and the firefights went off with a varying degree of damage. All in all a good time was had by all. A large number of people stopped to chat and ask about figures, modelling, rules and my lighting up street lights.

Pete, Heidi and I would like to extend our thanks to the show organisers and to the members of the public who played and showed genuine interest in our rules, scenery and figures. Thanks Tim

Below are a selection of photos from the day. (Sorry I only took pictures of the game not players)