Events: Salute 05



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Challenger Award Winners  (2nd overall in show)


We took two scenarios to SALUTE 05 at Kensington Olympia on St George's Day (What could be more appropriate for such a game as this?) Both Pete and I are veteran show gamers but taking new, figures, new scenery and a new system is always a gamble. Pete ran the third scenario of four in his African campaign and I ran my Finale scenario from the Bone Idol, Tong in London campaign. The  games were extremely well received by both other exhibitors and the paying customers. The action was fast and furious, the tables looked great (even though I do say so myself)  and by the end of the day we were exhausted. However we were rewarded for our efforts by being awarded the Challenger trophy for 2nd best game in show, no mean feat considering we ran six games between just two of us. We missed the presentation that year we were just too damned busy. We did have a blast and still wish to thank those who played.


Below are a selection of photos from the day

Climbing the Escarpment


The Bone Idol: Stop the Ritual