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In this area of the site you will find details of any campaigns and scenarios that we are or have run. End of Empire is really a game that is aimed at creating a narrative by linking together scenarios which make a campaign. Campaigns will vary in length, from three scenarios upwards. A narrative is created by what happens during the scenarios as they are played and then the resultant conversations after each one is played. The scenarios are where the main dramatic action takes place be it a chase, a gun fight, a burglary etc, the conversations fill in the rest.


Creating a campaign is a difficult task; the best campaigns will have a Campaign Master who will take the part of the forces of evil and all the neutral characters, leaving the players to take the roles of the heroes. The CM has a difficult task as he/she must resist the temptation of abusing his omnipotence.  The players are playing to have a good time, we all know you can kill them whenever you  want, but don't kill heroes lightly. Scenarios should be nail-biting and challenging, but not deadly and impossible.

The scenarios and campaigns we publish here are the ones we have played, some are featured elsewhere on this site. You may play them as they are or rewrite them for your own use. If you write campaigns you would like to share with other EOE players then do please mail them to us and we will publish them here. Simply click on the images below to find out further details of our EOE campaigns.