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                           The 3.9 Steps                                  

Luv a duck!         (More photos at the bottom of the page)

It was a wet and miserable day outside Crystal Palace, but inside the sun shone on the Empire. Pete and I took EOE to SELWG, using the same scenarios as at SALUTE but with many new features and figures. We had a great day, played three games, crashed some cabs, shot some Huns and in general caused loads of mayhem, with a horde of people and had three more different results. We were delighted to be awarded BEST IN SHOW and would like to thank all those that played as you helped make our game what it is.  We would like to thank South East London War Gamers' show organisers for making this an easy and pleasant show to attend, will see you  next year.

The game we ran at SELWG was in fact three separate scenarios that for Show purposes were run back to back providing a continuous narrative. The first scenario involves only two heroes in a cab chase attempting to stop a signal being sent to a team of assassins, the second involves the original two heroes and three Bobbies preventing the assassins killing the Foreign Secretary and the third scenario involves the Heroes, Bobbies and some British soldiers preventing the escape of the assassins and the traitor escaping with the plans for a battleship. Simple!

We ran through the campaign three times, with different results every time. In the first scenario Not only did the signal get sent, the Foreign Secretary was assassinated and the traitor with the plans made good his escape. Almost a complete victory for the Huns, especially as the "Cad" playing Colonel Sir Henry Templeton-Smyth managed to get him killed!

Game two, saw the Foreign Secretary killed again but Sir Henry managed to save the plans from falling into enemy hands. There were some quite dubious actions by some of the soldiers which involved them in harassing many of the local populace. Game two also saw a luckless soldier interrupting one Alastair Crowley who was busy summoning a daemon in the Museum, the said daemon was duly summoned and carried the terrified soldier high into the sky over Lion Square before dropping him. Lady Annabelle made a cunning effort to stop the German Admiral escaping by accompanying him to the river front, then she turned upon him and shot him in the behind with a small calibre pistol.

Game three was trickier, several players had returned to play again and thought they knew what to expect. They successfully stopped the cab, the Foreign Secretary was still assassinated, all three assassins got away, the German Admiral was shot and mortally wounded, but a whole armful of redcoats were also killed. This game ended with the death of Sir Henry at the hands of none other than Frankenstein's monster.

Small children were run over in every game and ladies of the night were regularly propositioned. I got to use my new wrecked cab model, in every game. Thanks to Nic at Eureka for supplying me with one of their fantastic hansome cabs to turn into  wreck. And a great time was had by all.

Cheers Tim & Pete