Events: SALUTE 2007



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Well we really weren't expecting to win anything at this year's Salute, after all we had to supply one of the judges for the games competition and you can't vote for your own game. So we were presently surprised to be awarded the Best Participation Game.
This year's campaign "Doktor Dunkelblut's Doomsday Device" was a blatant campaign to use our new models. It involved three separate scenarios which was supposed to see Annabelle and Henry foil a dastardly plot to destroy the Palace of Westminster and the royal family. Of course the best laid plans of mice and GM's don't always run smoothly.  To discover how our intrepid adventurers got on click here

Each year we seem to set our self bigger and harder targets prior to Salute, and this year was no exception. We have gained a new member to our group, Ben, who was responsible for the fantastic empire Music Hall and MI1 (The Ministry of International Intrigue) I also set about making my biggest model to date, the London residence of Colonel Sir Henry Templeton-Smyth. It measures in at 2' by 3' with a lower ground floor,  ground and first floors plus detachable roofs. The whole model comes apart into ten separate sections. It contains more than sixty windows, electric lighting on the terrace, and a huge Botecelli on the wall of the Ball Room. (we will feature this model in the scenery section of this site) We were delighted with the response our new models received and would like to thank all of you who made supportive and admiring comments.

(However we would also like to thank the lady who took so much pleasure in telling us that the windows were 'wrong' as they wouldn't be arched, after all if it wasn't for people such as you we wouldn't be able to keep our feet on the ground would we? It was also a timely reminder to ensure that players and spectators realise that EOE is in fact a fantasy game and reassure those of you who were concerned that there never was a real plot in 1905 to blow up the houses of parliament by a fanatical catholic order, and in fact Queen Victoria was really dead by this point, phew for a moment I thought it was all real!)

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