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Here is a whole host of  links to other websites that we have found useful. Primarily these are figure manufacturers, but there are also scenery makers and other sites that have helped in the creation of scenarios too. The comments about each company are personal opinion SOTG do not endorse any one company, we value all of their contributions to inadvertently making our game what it is.


Front Line make resin scenery, and in our case this means all the interiors you could hope for. He does; kitchens, bedrooms, church furniture, pub and hotel furniture, tables, chairs, pot bellied stoves and a whole armful of other stuff. The resin is pretty well cast, easy to clean up and it looks just great, really adding something to our buildings. It also extremely well priced. Buy everything you can from this guy, you wont regret it and he deserves it!

Foundry are probably the best known manufacturers of historical figures in the UK. Originally home to designers such as the Perry Twins and Mark Copplestone They have several ranges of figures worth checking out. We have used models from the following ranges: Darkest Africa; Old West (especially their Victorian civilians) Pirates (some of my Chinese Tong) Foundry models are consistent in size and quality, if you are prepared to search their ranges you can find loads of useful models. However be prepared to buy a number of packs via mail order as they have the most expensive postage pricing policy I have come across.

Westwind make a huge number of figures suitable for these games. Their Gothic Horror range has models to cover most types of 'classic' horror; vampires, mummies, werewolves etc. They also have a large number of suitable civilian types; London Bobbies, thugs, streetwalkers, street vendors, then all sorts of figures suitable for other locations; Szgany to look after your vampires, various Arabic characters for that mummy adventure etc.

If you then look closely at their other ranges you can also find suitable models. Many of my Chinese Tong figures are from Westwind's Wild West range as are some of the Chinese civilians. the rest of my Chinese civilians from this company are actually from their Vietnam range. These guys also produce several suitable vehicles including a Hansome cab and a splendid gypsy caravan.

I like Westwind on the whole, they do produce some good models and are good value for money. .

Mark Copplestone has designed figures for many companies in the past including Games Workshop, and Foundry. He now makes his own models and we have used figures from several of his ranges including his High Adventure, Darkest Africa and Back of Beyond. They are great models full of character and go brilliantly with the Foundry ones, many of which he designed. Some of our dinosaurs come from Copplestone as do some yet to be painted cavemen.

Bob Murch in Canada produces an ever expanding range of great quality and characterful figures. Most of them are suitable for the later parts of this period and some can be used throughout. Ordering direct from him is easy and delivery is fast and efficient. I have used his Yangtzee gangs for many of my Tong personalities, Pulp are the manufacturer of the rickshaw models I have. I also have the US rocket troops and the Zeppelin Troops. These models are excellent and if funds allowed I would buy everything this guy makes.

Eureka Miniatures hail from Australia. They produce an extensive range of models that are suitable for these types of game. The figures are excellent quality and in most cases have the thinnest weapons I have come across. Eureka also produce a large number of models that add those great details. I have the Arabic market stalls from the Civilians range, the Lampposts from Pax Limpopo and a whole load of furniture that are apparently shape changing aliens?! The Hansome cab they make is just brilliant. See it featured elsewhere. Delivery is fast and efficient, communications are excellent and thanks to the exchange rates buying direct from Oz works out as very good value.