Scenario 3

The King's Shillings

The tumble down inn.

This game was played on Matt's 4" square board. (Nice isn't it?)

Images from the game.

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        It is the Spring of 1812 and the British troops have not been paid for five weeks. Wellington knows that unpaid men are only a rabble-rouser's shout away from anarchy. The Spanish Guerrillas have been delivering money to the British Divisions, supplied by international bankers. The guerrillas carrying the pay to the South Essex regiment are unable to get through French lines, so they hide the gold in an ruined roadside inn. They then continue on to the British and are able to report the gold's location to Major Hogan of Wellington's staff.

Hogan is able to have a patrol from the South Essex' Light Company sent to retrieve the gold. the patrol is led by Lieutenant Denbeigh. he is the only member of the patrol to know what the mission is.

Unfortunately for the British one of the guerrillas has been captured by the French and has been expertly tortured by Major Ducos and has revelled the location of the gold. Docos has despatched a patrol under Lieutenant Chirac to get to the gold first.


British: Lt Denbeigh, Sergeant Hawkins, 8 troops of the South Essex Light Company, 2 Spanish Guerrillas.

French: Lt Chirac, 5 troops of the 14eme Regiment de Ligne, Sergeant Raffarim, 7 Voltigeurs

Victory Conditions:

The British must retrieve the gold from the inn and move off the table edge from where they entered carrying it.

The French must prevent the British from retrieving the gold by carrying off the table edge they entered from.

Carrying the gold

The gold is in saddle bags, which can be carried by one man. To pick up the gold a figure must relinquish half his move. Whilst carrying the gold a soldier can only move at 5" a turn and fights at -1 to hit due to the encumbrance. In subsequent rounds of combat the gold is dropped and the soldiers fight as normal. the victor can then take the gold.

The Butcher's Bill

British: Dead or Missing;

Lt Denbeigh, Sergeant Hawkins, Corporal Larkins, Privates Jenkins, Perkins, Hopkins, Watkins & Siimpkins, two Spanish Guerrillas Pedro and Guido

Privates Wilkins and Tomkins surrendered to the enemy.

French: Dead or Missing

Voltigeur Sergeant Raffarim, Voltigeur Privates Chapeaux, Gateaux, Chateaux, Line Infantry Privates Tableaux and Plateaux

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