Useful resources & sites to visit


Listed below are some of the figure companies we have bought models from. They are not listed in order of preference and we do not endorse one company more than any other. We just think it is useful to list our sources. Below the site links is a list of other resources we have used when producing games and scenarios.


Wargames Foundry are one of the UK's leading figure manufacturers. Their range of Napoleonic figures is huge. They are always consistent , characterful figures. Buy lots at one time then you can avoid their expensive postage!

Essex are our local figure manufacturer, they produce a good range of Napoleonic figures which can be bought individually. They are also well priced. It is possible to visit their factory and buy figures directly from their little shop. they also stock several ranges of suitable scenery.

Front Rank make an excellent and extensive Napoleonic range. Their figures can be bought individually. Several of the figures featured on this site are from Front Rank.

Michael and Alan Perry make two great ranges of Napoleonic figures. They are constantly adding to their 28mm range including some great plastic figures. They also produce some terrific 40mm figures, ideal for skirmish games. I aim to get some of these in 2009

Old Glory have an extensive range of  Napoleonic figures available at good prices though you do have to buy them in packs of multiple figures. Old Glory UK are also the distributors for SASH & SABRE figures who make excellent 40mm figures which are very reasonably priced t'boot.