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40mm figures

Right, I thought this was always going to be a 28mm game for me, then I started to dabble in 40mm, fatal! The figures below are from Sash & Saber (available in the UK from Old Glory UK) I am also going to have to get some Perry 40mm figures too. Having said all of that, I think I am going to predominantly stay in 28mm as VICTRIX have started to bring out their amazing range of multi-pose plastic 28's and they work out at only ...38p each!

Click on the image for more pictures of Sash & Saber 40s

The figures that we use for our games come from several manufacturers. The figures below are all 28mm, however you need to take care as this scale can vary from company to company. The models on these pages are from Wargames Foundry and Front Rank. They mix quite well. All of the 28mm figures were been painted by Matt(I still think they are some of the best paint jobs he's ever done! Tim)


The British (Goddamns)


The French (Crapauds)



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