The majority of rules for these games have been taken directly from Games Workshop's Lord Of The Rings Strategy Game. This is a great set of skirmish rules that allow all sorts of strategic and heroic options. We have made a few changes to make the rules set create the right feel for our games. We will publish changes as we make them. We have not reproduced any part of the LOTR rules set on this site. It is a top game and everyone should own a copy, so get off to your local GW Hobby Centre (shop) or go to the GW website and order a copy.

The most obvious rule tweak we have made is to do away with the WILL stat as this is most to do with the use of magic. Unless the scenario states a specific side has priority at the start of the game we roll a d6 for priority. There are some new rules below for weapons of the period. As we expand our figure collection and write new scenarios we shall add further  weapons rules here.


Weapon Type Range Strength Notes
Pistol 8 2 Half Move Penalty
Musket 24 2 Half Move Penalty
Rifle 36 4 Move or Fire
Volley Gun 8 5 Target + Models within 2" One Shot per game
Blunderbus 8 2 Move or Fire                Ignores In The Way rolls

Extra Weapon notes:

Muskets receive a +1 S bonus when shooting at targets up to 12" away.

Rifles may be shot as muskets by a desperate Rifleman, however they do not benefit from the extra strength at <12"

Sergeants can be armed with Spontoons or other more ceremonial weapons designed for defending colours. these weapons count as Double Handed Weapons.

To find out more about the different forces used in our games click on the images below

British Army List           French Army List

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