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One of the largest groups of people to be found in the developed countries of the civilised world are those little chaps from the Orient. Whether in a city in Asia or a dingy ghetto in London, the Chinese can pose a threat. From dangerous Tong gangsters to wizened old sorcerers  the Chinese should not be underestimated. They can also provide some excellent allies when trying to defeat the machinations of evil

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These figures have featured in a number of different scenarios. They have been both in China Town in the East end of London and also they have appeared in games closer to home. I will add some more Tong pictures and some China Town civilians soon.

The Wing Kong (Bad guys wear black you know)

Of course the Wing Kong have been hijacked from the film Big Trouble in Little China, but the strength of EOE is that we can use it to play out pretty much any film plot and BTILC is an excellent Pulp movie.


The Chang Seng

The Chang Seng are the good guys in Big Trouble in Little China. With both groups of Tong I have kept to the colour schemes that were used in the film.


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