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As we write and play scenarios for 1588AAT we shall publish them here, with details of the scenario , scenery, forces used and victory conditions. In some cases we will also publish game reports and pictures from playing these scenarios
Scenario 1:

Skirmish at Stoke By Nayland Inn

A small group of Spaniards are foraging near the ruined inn at Stoke By Nayland, when they run into a patrol from the Melford Militia.
The two forces exchange fire than advance with pike and bucklers raised.
This is a small introductory clash, just to get you going.
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  Scenario 2:

Battle at Bergholt Toll Booth

A patrol of Spaniards rush to cut the main Ipswich to London road.
The Toll Keeper and his men must hold out until the trained band can come to their aid.
A slightly more advanced game, introducing some special characters and a more complex set of objectives

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