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Listed below are some of the figure companies we have bought models from. They are not listed in order of preference and we do not endorse one company more than any other. We just think it is useful to list our sources. Below the site links is a list of other resources we have used when producing games and scenarios.


Wargames Foundry are one of the UK's leading figure manufacturers. We have used a good number of Foundry figures for 1588. They are always consistent , characterful figures. Buy lots at one time then you can avoid their expensive postage!

Vendel make a great range of Elizabethan figures, suitable for England Invaded games and especially Border Reiving.

Graven Images are distributed by Monolith Designs. They make a nice range of 28mm Border Reivers. Well worth getting, full of character.

Eureka are an Australian company who produce some great ranges of figures of which I have several. Their Conquistadore range provided some excellent Spaniards

Michael and Alan Perry make a great range of Border Reivers. They are 40mm so won't match any body else's figures but they are lovely and if you are only going to play small games buy these!

Frontline make great ranges of resin scenery, especially furniture and interiors for models that come apart. Most of the internal features in our models are from Frontline.