Scenario 2: Battle at Bergholt Toll Booth            (Not actually at battle, just a skirmish, but I like the alliteration)



The 'History'

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The Spanish commanders knew that cutting lines of communication and preventing English troop movements was vital. So they sent a number of patrols to cut the Ipswich road that runs from Ipswich, through Colchester and onto London. East Bergholt is a small village just off the main Ipswich road and the site of a toll booth which would provide a perfect place to set up a road block.

One patrol bypasses Manningtree crosses the Stour and heads towards the toll booth at East Bergholt.

Toll houses are important places on the roads of England, they are used to collect moneys to pay for the up keep of the roads and bridges and any local taxes. They are kept by a toll keeper and at times of crisis like now they become posts for militia men. The toll house at East Bergholt has a small force of militia men checking all traffic, As the Spanish approach, the Toll Keeper sent a messenger to get help and then realised that his men must defend the Toll House at all costs.


We played this game on a 4 by 4 board. The Ipswich road runs roughly up the centre of the board from the south no north edge. The Bergholt road run east from the Ipswich road about12- 18 in from the Northern edge. 
The River Brett (A tributary of the Stour) runs North/South, parallel to the Ipswich road on the Eastern side of the table. The river is difficult ground. The toll house sits on the south side of the junction, there may be a couple of other buildings around the toll booth, barns, sheds etc
Other wise the board is gentle rolling countryside that may include some woods and enclosed fields.
The English

The English force is split into two groups; the Toll Keepers, The Trained Band

Toll Keepers 75 pts

Toll Keeper (Sergeant) plus Trained Bandsmen/Veterans. No more than half of the Toll Keepers can be Veterans and no more than half of the Toll Keepers can be SHOT armed.

Also walking along the Ipswich road are the Three Cannoneers (75pts) (See special characters) who will come to the aid of the Toll House.

Trained Band  400pts

A local Trained Band is on the Ipswich road marching North. It could reach the Toll House on time to beat back the Spanish.

Trained Band:

1 Captain. Standards and Sergeants as restrictions. Up to 25% of the Band may be veterans. Up to 25% of the band may be light horse


The Spanish

Spanish Patrol(400pts)

The Spanish force is a light fast moving patrol. They are mostly experienced troops from the Army of Flanders who are used to thinking and fighting.

1 Capitan  Standards and Alberderos as restrictions No Priests.  Up to 25% of the patrol may be Veterans (Camarada or Aventuros) Up to 25% of the patrol may be light horse.













Toll Keepers; The toll keepers are deployed with in the confines of the Toll House or no more than 3 from it. The Cannoneers are placed half way along the main road walking north.

The trained band do not start the game on the table, they will arrive later. (see below)


The Spanish deploy on the Bergholt Road no more than 12 into the board.

Arrival of the Trained Band

The Trained Band are all ready on the road when they meet the messenger, however it is not clear how far away they are. At the start of the third turn roll a d6 on the roll of a six the Trained Band arrive on the southern edge of the board on the main road. Each turn the Trained Band does not arrive reduce the next roll by 1 so in turn four they arrive on a 5 or 6, turn 5 on a 4,5 or 6 etc.

Courage Tests

The Toll Keepers start to take Courage Tests when they have lost 66% of their number. If  a toll Keeper fails a courage test, he will surrender.

The Trained band needs to test for courage when they have taken 50% casualties. Failed testers will flee.

The Spanish take courage tests when they have taken 50% casualties.

If possible failed testers flee, otherwise surrender.






Major victory: Capture the Toll House before the Trained Band arrive.

Minor Victory: Capture the Toll House after the arrival of the Trained Band then send a messenger back of the table on the Bergholt road.


Major victory: Drive off the Spanish before the Trained band arrive.

Minor victory: Drive off the Spanish with aid of the trained band and prevent the messenger leaving board.






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