Scenario 1: Skirmish at Stoke By Nayland



The 'History'

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A small group of Spaniards are foraging near the ruined inn at Stoke By Nayland, when they run into a patrol from the Melford Militia.
The two forces exchange fire than advance with pike and bucklers raised.
This is a small introductory clash, juts to get you going.

This is the table we used for this scenario. It is 3' x 4'6" a reasonable size to play a game with 12 -15 figures on each side.
The English deploy in the bottom 12". The Spanish deploy in the top 12".
Before play we agreed that the stream could be splashed through and would not affect movement. Movement in the ruined inn was also not impeded.
If you wish or when you are more experienced both of these pieces of scenery could count as difficult and slow movement.

Both sides have 150 pts to spend on their patrol. A force may only have one captain and may not take a hero. If a patrol is led by a captain it may also have a standard bearer and any sergeants allowed. If a patrol is led by a sergeant and there is more than one then the player must declare at the start of the game which sergeant is in overall command.


This is a simple skirmish, the aim is to KILL!! the enemy. A patrol must start to take COURAGE tests when its leader is slain or it has taken 50% casualties.