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It seems a little pointless having a specific page just for miniatures on this website as I aim to have every section of the site full of pictures from these games most of which will have figures in them. However this page will give me a place to put photos of 1588AAT which I haven't used any where else. (Please note that any comments about any figure producers are my personal opinions)

The figures for this game have come from a number of suppliers. Most of the figures we have used have come from Vendel and Wargames Foundry (See Links page) In most ways I prefer Foundry figures; they are always well researched and full of character. However they are also expensive compared to most and their postage and packing price policy is daft at. Vendel on the other hand make very nice, affordable figures, not quite as high quality sculpts as Foundry but they still do the trick very well and make up the bulk of our rank and file figures.

Click on the images for bigger views.

Other companies we have bought figures from include:  Eureka Miniatures; these guys are one of my favourite figure companies, based in OZ they produce many excellent niche ranges. Well sculpted, weapons in more in proportion than any other company I have come across. A little skinny compared to most, but this does no harm as I use their figures for the Spanish, who must be starving, holed up in their strongholds. the figures from Eureka I have used have all been taken from their Conquistadore range, a little early in some ways for these games, but they make excellent troops from Spain's allied forces, the Light Lancers on this site are Eureka. Graven Images: produce a good range of Border Reivers which fit perfectly into this period. Again they are well sculpted (some necks seem to be missing) weapons are chunky. these make excellent characterful models. The puritanical priest who will eventually appear in the Special Characters section is a nice example. Graven Images figures are proving difficult to get hold of at the time of writing, shame really. Games Workshop; the foremost figure producer in the world. If you scour the GW ranges you will find some figures that you could use, especially some classic Empire figures, pistoliers for example; and from the Dogs of War range Pirazzo's Lost Legion would make an excellent Spanish pike block.

There are others who produce figures that could suit this period if you look hard; Pendraken and Redoubt might be worth having a look at, but I don't have any of their figures so can't comment on quality.

Anyway how about some more  pics? All of the pictures on this page were taken by me on the day of the Wargames Illustrated shoot. I hope I will also be able to add some taken by Dan of WI who had some great gear:0) Click on each image to get a bigger view and more details.