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Rules for the different forces in 1588

The forces that fight in 1588 are quite similar. The accepted way of fighting was with Pike and Shot, something the following century is well known for.
The English were ready for invasion, preparations varied from county to county. But thousands of men would answer the call to arms if necessary.
The Spanish force was made up from two separate elements; veterans from the Army of Flanders and raw recruits from Spain.
From here you will find rules for both.
We  will also publish lists for Border Reiver games. (Oneday:0)


NOTE: The statistics in the two army lists use the LOTR names for the different characteristics and like LOTR I have included both melee and shooting under F. The first number is  for melee the second for shooting. For those of you have LOTOW or LOTHS as your core rules M (MIGHT) = Fame and F (Fate) = Fortune



The English Trained Bands



The Spanish Tercios


Special Characters Just for fun!


Border Reivers

Eventually I will get round to producing lists specifically for use with Reiver families of the Northern Marches. But don't hold your breath. In the meantime there are plenty of examples of troops in the two lists above.