Scenarios: The Terror Of Loch Awe



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Sometimes all you need for inspiration is to sit down and look at a map. Outside the Empire there are many who would see its downfall. And in every corner of the Empire there is always some loony who would like to bring it all down.
Having written campaigns about; Germans, mad Frenchmen, frothing Spanish Catholics and quite a few angry Chinamen it was the turn of the Scots this time.
Whilst thinking about potential ideas for a new campaign and scenarios we could use at Salute I was browsing a map of the Highlands and came across Loch Awe. Well with a name like that I could hardly resist. Further investigation had to take place and to my horror I unearthed a truely disturbing story...

From here you will find out the background to the latest adventures of Sir Henry & Lady Annabelle. Read the results of our painstaking research and marvel at the horrors that Duncan Connell, 14th Laird of Ardchonnel, had planned for the Empire. Read how he attempted to restore his family jewels and to rip apart the union that had to help make Britain Great.

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