The Terror Of Loch Awe



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Duncan Connell, 14th Laird of Ardchonnell, discovered the gem of Loch Awe in 1741, and with a little research discovered the legend of the Beast of Loch Awe – the mighty demon that can save Scotland from the hated English. He immediately relocated the family to the ancient Connell Castle, in the middle of the loch, and set about trying to recreate the ritual to awaken the monster.
During the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745, there was a family schism. Logan, Duncan’s loyalist brother, supported the English, and the brothers fought. When Logan discovered that Duncan was attempting the ritual of Loch Awe, he stole the crucial gem and spirited it away to London, fashioning it into a ring and leaving it with the Bishop of Whitechapel for safe-keeping.


Going South, Duncan used the Jacobite rebellion to cover his pursuit of Logan. He joined Bonnie Prince Charlie’s forces and marched South. Meanwhile, Logan joined Cobham’s Hussars and began to fight. When he was mortally wounded at Falkirk, he gave his claymore, a gift from his father (and partner to Duncan’s own sword) to his friend William Tewkesbury.

 Disguised as Macleods, Duncan and his men fought their way free of Culloden, but Duncan lost his claymore in the battle. He fled across Scotland, got home, and, insane with rage, tried to perform the ritual without the stone and was eaten by the portal.

 150 years later, Duncan’s descendant, 21st Laird Douglas Connell, wants to bring Duncan back by performing the ritual properly. With the help of Roger Mercado, nephew of the current Archbishop of Whitechapel, Douglas plans to recapture the swords and the gem, and do the ritual properly, with a blue-blooded virgin provided by Roger. The twin swords are used to activate the Whitechapel portal (although the window itself is now in Lion’s Square’s All Saints Church) and get the gem and the virgin to Ardchonnell quickly.

 They just have to hope that no nosy adventurers turn up to spoil their plans ...


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