Events: SELWG 2006



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Cab Crash

Sir Henry alights from his cab to speak to a soldier of his old regiment. In front of Sir Henry's cab is the remains of the cab that was carrying the traitor and the Quizling to The Foreign Secretary's house. In the foreground is the poor bystander who was run over by the first cab, his dog looks on in despair. (Still that poor fella got his brains blown out by a stray rifle bullet in the first game played, so he got off lightly this time) The cabs are from EUREKA MINIATURES in Australia. The wrecked one was sent to me explicitly for that purpose, cheers Nic. (If you are seriously looking to play games in Victorian London then these models are invaluable. Eureka's cab goes together well and is not expensive either)

Figures and scenery by Tim & Pete

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