Events: SALUTE 2010



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From Dawn 'til Dusk

Ok, so the basic idea this year was to have two games running at the same time and if either game was lost by the participants then they would both lose. Add to that the pressure of playing against the clock and you have a recipe for mayhem.

Count Orloff, the Grandfather of Dracula swears to revenge his famous descendant by taking over the world. But he is going to do it slightly differently. He has discovered an ancient heirloom, called the Orb of Corvenus, which raises the ancient dead. He has also found that all of the churches in England are built on a series of Necromantic Lay Lines. When the Orb is placed at the hub of these lines all the ancient dead will rise across the country.

It is a cold November afternoon: Our adventurers are heading to a monastery where they believe Orloff is lying, awaiting darkness. They must slay him whilst he rests, if he awakes then all will be laid waste. Our Soldiers are attempting to stop the Count's minions bringing the Orb to All Saints Church, which just happens to be the Hub of the Lay Lines. If they make it to the church by dark and the Count awakes all the ancient dead in England will arise, then it will be standing room only. To see images form the day just click on the images below.





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