Events: SALUTE 2008



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The Terror Of Loch Awe

We had a great time with this game this year, and we tried some new things out during the game. One of which was the idea of playing at night. The street lights in London worked really well and proved to be a great way of demonstrating what a good game this is when you have a GM who can organise hidden movement. The bad guys were only visible when they moved into the light given off by the gas lamps, this meant the players were always guessing where the baddies were heading. There were of course tonnes of clues and an observant team would have worked out the whole thing before playing by studying all the cool handouts that Ben had produced, but of course they usually just suffered from a bloodrush which more often or not became a bloodbath. Oh well the best laid plans of mice and GMs and all that. Anyway enjoy the pictures from the day. Click on the Thumbnails below to get larger images.




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