Doktor Dünkelblüt's Doomsday Device



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For three hundred years small groups of Roman Catholic extremists have quietly celebrated the lives of the 'gunpowder martyrs'. The brave men who tried to right a wrong and bring down the Protestant monarchy of England.
Now as the three hundredth anniversary of the failed plot to kill James I of England and his Parliament is about to be celebrated. A small group of fundamentalist (Emphasis on the mentalist rather than fun) Catholics, the Order of San Onofre, plot to carry out a devastating attack on Queen Victoria as she opens parliament.


Agents of the Order of San Onofre approached Doktor Dieter Dunkelblut, a certified nutcase/scientific genius. Dunkelblut was considered a renegade by all respected scientists in his native Germany, but he desired to prove to his doubters that he could make Germany great. Although the Doktor did not necessarily subscribe to the Order's religious beliefs he was quite happy to be involved in a plot to bring down the British government. Dunkelblut moved to the Order's headquarters, a monastery in the Pyrenees to work on a number of projects.

So the Order and Dunkelblut start to work on a plan to destroy the Palace of Westminster when the Queen, her family and her government will all be present. It was clear that an attack at the Palace of Westminster would be impossible, security is always very high. It was Dunkelblut who suggested striking from across London. At first the Abbott was sceptical but it was not long before he was convinced that the plan might work and after he watched a demonstration of a flying bomb device that destroyed a church on the other side of the valley to the monastery, he was convinced that God was working through this strange little German fellow.

The order sent agents to London to find a suitable place to use as a launch site. After several weeks searching such a place was found, the docks near Lion's Square were at a perfect distance from Westminster, there were few tall obstructions and being located on the river meant access and escape would be easy.

 They just have to hope that no nosy adventurers turn up to spoil their plans ...

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