Scenarios: Doktor Dünkelblüt's Doomsday Device



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The Dunkelblut campaign was written prior to SALUTE07. It Involved several scenarios of whihc we used three at SALUTE.
When creating a campaign it is important to try to get a balance between table top action and working out what the hell is going on.  One thing that helps with the later is the use of clues and handouts. They don't always have to be grand or complicated, though it helps.
The handouts below were all produced by Ben, as he is the wiz with photoshop. Some are just for fun and others provided the players with vital information as to the plot and what might happen as they played through the scenarios. He also made a map for players to agonise over, when I have worked out a way of satisfactorily displaying that here I will.  Just click on the images below to get a closer look.




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