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The Three Cannoneers

Left to right: Lord Francis, Ted the Knife, 5X Ant

Many stories are told of veterans who fought in the Low Countries and how they won fame, fortune and glory. Of course many of the stories were apocryphal, but the ones about three Veterans from Suffolk were all true. Three friends went to the Low Countries to seek their fortunes as gunners in the armies of Maurice of Orange and Justin of Nassau. They fought at the sieges of Bruges, Ostend and Antwerp. They dodged death and drank copious amounts of Dutch Courage.  On their return to England in the Spring of 1588  they were warmly received in the home county and it was said that the women folk were all relieved to see them fighting fit. All three men had made a comfortable sum of money whilst fighting the Spanish and they returned not believing that the Spanish would be able to launch a serious invasion so they looked forward to a quiet summer…


If you have a Trained band and the scenario allows or is appropriate, you can choose the Three Cannoneers . You must take all three characters as they are presented here.

Characteristics marked with * have already had bonuses or armour added.


Ted the Knife

Ted is obsessed with blades and will always have a knife somewhere upon his person, he fights with both a buckler sword and dagger giving him 3 attacks in combat.

  F S D A W C M F Pv
Ted 5*/3+ 3 5* 3* 1 4 -- 1 25
Ted wears a helm, Light Armour, and fights with sword, buckler and knives ,lots of knives.
Lord Francis

Lord Francis (is not a real lord he is just noble) Is a huge bear of a man with a great deal of strength. Many an opponent has been surprised at his ability to shrug off blows that would normally level a lesser man.

  F S D A W C M F Pv
Francis 4/3+ 4* 6* 1 1 4 1* 1 25

Francis wears a helm, Heavy Armour and fights with a sword or halberd


Five X Ant

Ant spent most of his time in the Low Countries inside a bottle and  subsequently was often inebriated to the point of feeling no pain and certainly was full of insane courage.

  F S D A W C M F Pv
Ant 4/3+ 3 7** 1 1 5* 1 -- 25

Ant wears a helm, Heavy Armour and fights with a pistol and sword.


Of course it is impossible to become as experienced as these three fine fellows without gaining some scars: Ted is not allowed to drive any kind of cart in any scenario: Francis is so broad he finds it difficult leaping so when ever he comes to an obstacle to leap over, dry stone wall or fence etc he must make a climb test: Due to Ant’s often inebriated state he staggers a great deal each turn roll a d6 on odd numbers he moves at 1” less than usual (he probably moves a lot but from side to side) on even numbers he moves 1” more than usual.


Spirit Of The Game would like to remind players of 1588AAT that any similarity between 1588AAT Special Characters and anyone living or dead are purely coincidental:0)

The Three Cannoneers at Salute 2009: Lord Francis, Ted the Kinfe, XXXXX Ant

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