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All of my models are made in a similar manner with the same materials. The basis for my models is 5mm foamcore; an excellent, robust modelling material, relatively cheap and easy to work with. The images below detail some of the construction of this model.



the base of the house is made from a lattice work of 1" tall 5mm foamcore strips. The second photo shows the lid of the base on plus low walls and the 4 octagonal corner pieces.
The whole base board ready to work with. It is 6' by 3'. In reality the lawn area is a similar size to the hard standing for the house but this would have meant making a bigger board which would not have gone with any of my other modular boards. The base board is constructed from 12mm chipboard with 25mm softwood batten surrounds to protect the 25mm polystyrene that makes up the banks to the moat and the cedar lawn. It is a pretty heavy duty bit of kit.

This picture shows the main house in construction it comes apart in four sections plus roof parts, the moat house is in place as are the two bridges. The whole model has been given a covering of coral sand and the moat is a mix of polyfilla and PVA glue.

Two views of the model, now with roofs and chimneys, but no roof tiles. The roof tiles are oversized to aid painting and to exaggerate the look of the roof. The moat is now painted with acrylic paint and PVA mix.



The moat house under construction. This was the most fun part of the model to do. It would make an excellent stand alone model. The foamcore construction is clear to see here.
When construction was complete the model was given a coating of polyfilla, PVA and coral sand. I decided fairly early on that trying to represent the brickwork would be very difficult and would probably not work well.. Painting this model was a pretty daunting task and I received help from several folks. It is painted with Citadel paints. It had a black undercoat then several coats starting with Terracotta, then adding Blazing Orange to the mix. It eventually was terrifyingly orange, until it received a final Bleached Bone highlight which toned it down.
I intend to detail the inside of this model, progress will be posted here so come back every now and then to check it out.
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