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Kentwell Hall is a Tudor red brick moated manor house, in Long Melford Suffolk.

This model is a first for me as I have never before tried to make a replica of a specific building, I have always made models from my imagination and own designs. It was made for SALUTE09, to see it on the table at Salute go to the EVENTS pages.

There are a few differences between the model and the real place. Firstly this model has been made as a practical wargaming piece and a few alterations are required to keep in looking right with figures in and around it. There are less windows, for a start. The two cupola towers were not completed, but may well be added in the future.
Some features that are present on the house now are recent additions so I did not include those and some of the structure around the side in between the house and moat house were left off to aid game play.
Like all my models the House comes apart in several pieces to allow access to the inside, this will be detailed in the future to make the building more useable for other games. Make sure you come back to check out progress.

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The house and cedar lawn.

The cedar lawn is too small, but had I made this to the right size the model would have needed a 8' by 4' board rather than a 6' by 3' board

A good view of the roofs and chimneys.

The roofs took more than five hours to tile, the windows took over six hours to paint. Eventually the windows will all be cut out to allow views of the interior.

The Moat House and Camera Obscura

The Moathouse is the oldest part of the real manor and my favourite part. I started with this model which again will be detailed inside, with brewery, bakhaus, dairy, stillroom and sewing room. It needs a external wooden staircase by the backbridge gate. The Camera Obscura is a very interesting feature at the real hall and at least one visitor at Salute recognised the whole model just from the Camera Obscura detail.

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