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All Saint's Church is my version of a traditional English Medieval church. Churches were very important buildings in the Tudor period and would definitely been the focus of much attention had the Spanish landed. There are many grand churches built in Suffolk as a tribute to God for the success of the Suffolk wool trade.

All Saint's features a several stained glass windows, which survived the reformation as they would have been too expensive to replace. The huge arched window has a scene of Saint George slaying the dragon.

Like all my models the church comes apart in several pieces to allow access to the inside, which is fully detailed inside including pews, an altar, lectern and font all from Frontline miniatures (see links)

Master Francis Grouse is cornered in All Saint's by some Spanish troops. he swigs his communion wine and does battle. This picture show the window in more detail.


This model is a good example of my Longevity principle (not heard of it? read my articles in Wargames Illustrated, 269, 270 & 271) If you wish to see this church in Victorian London Click Here


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