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All Saint's Church


All Saints is a large church, much larger than my previous effort. It features removable roofs and one wall of the bell tower is also removable to reveal the stairs to the roof. I wanted to be able to use this model in a variety of different games and periods. I resisted adding pews and an altar as these features usually prevent easy access for figures. I did set out to build a stereotypical English church but found that there is no such thing. Pretty much every church I looked at, be it in the  flesh (stone?) or in books, had different features. the windows are all stained glass, which I printed on to inkjet overhead projector sheets. The roof is made from Wells plastic card pantiles. An excellent resource if ever I have found. I have now added some great church furniture; pews, altar, font etc from Frontline Wargaming, they really help to add flavour to a scenario

Model designed and built by Tim


St George's window under repairs with scaffold up at SALUTE08



Two shots of the main part of the church under construction. I use 5mm foam-core for most models.  As you can see from these pictures, the main window changed shape from the original design to the finished version below.


The Bell Tower

You can see inside the staircase up the tower to the roof. Completely made from balsa wood, it took ages to build, but it's details like this that really help to make a great piece of scenery. The staircase features a number of places where figures can be stood.

Interior Detail

You can see inside the church here. Note that there is little detail within apart from a stone flagged floor. Too much detail just gets in the way when you are playing a game. It would be easy to add scenario specific bits, but otherwise you must sacrifice detail for playability. At the top of the picture you can see the wooden door into the tower and the balcony that links both exterior walkways.


Saint George's Window

This picture came from searching for stained glass on the net. It's a great picture and helped to give the end wall shape as the arch shape gives loads of light within.

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