Scenario 4

Furniture Delivery Men

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 May 1812.

The newly appointed commander of the North Essex regiment of foot, Colonel Tobias Barkingside, decided that being on campaign was not as comfortable as he would have liked. Fortunately for him some of his favourite furniture had recently arrived in Spain. After some confusion over its location it turned up a few miles away from the North Essex's camp at a wagon marshalling point.

Colonel Barkingside sent Lieutenant Denbeigh and a small force of troops to recover his missing furniture and subsequently improve his humour. Lt Denbeigh was happy to oblige as he had spent several weeks recovering from wounds sustained during single combat with a French officer.

All went well until only two miles from the regimental camp. Denbeigh and his men were ambushed by some French light infantry that had infiltrated the British lines. The French were led by the same officer who had wounded Denbeigh in a previous engagement. all Denbeigh had to do was get the furniture delivered, but sometimes it's hard to ignore a grudge.


British: Lt Denbeigh, Sergeant Hawkins, 8 troops of the South Essex Light Company, 4 Riflemen 1 Spanish teamster leading the wagon.

French: Lt Chirac, 5 troops of the 14eme Regiment de Ligne, Sergeant Raffarim, 7 Voltigeurs


Victory Conditions:

The British must exit the table on the road with the wagon and furniture intact.

The French must prevent the British passing with the furniture, by reducing them to less than 50% and then forcing them to flee from the wagon..

The Wagon

The wagon can only move on the road. It moves at 6" a turn. The wagon must be led.  It will take two British troops to lead the wagon if the Spanish teamster is killed. Figures leading the wagon may do nothing else, bar defend themselves in combat. They have to stay in base to base contact with the wagon, at the horse's end, to retain control

The Butcher's Bill

British casualties

1 Rifleman, 4 Light Infantrymen and Manuel the teamster

French casualties

Sergeant Raffarim, 7 volitigeurs, 4 infantrymen.

Lt Chirac and one trooper surrendered to Lt Denbeigh

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