Scenario 2

Forward Picket

The Adrados Road

Images from the game.

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A patrol of voltigeurs has run into a small group of Spanish peasants, or Guerrillas, depending on how you look at it. For a bit of 'sport' the French attacked the Spaniards and killed several, two survivors took to their heels and ran back up the Adrodos road. The French thought this 'Tres bonne!' and pursued. The two Guerrillas know that just up the road is a forward picket of British troops in a ruined farmhouse, the French don't!

The Starting forces are as follows:

Allies French
2 Spanish Guerrillas

95th Rifles Lt Jack Blunt

7 Riflemen (One could be a Chosen Man)

18th Regiment de Ligne  Lt Dubreton

11 Voltigeurs

When the game starts the two Guerillas are placed 12" into the table on the road heading north. The French enter the table at the south edge on the road. In the ruined farm at the North end of the table is the small British force of Rifles. The Allies have priority in the first turn, however the Rifles are not expecting trouble so may do nothing aggressive, only two men may move no more than 3". The Spaniards may do nothing until they reach the British lines, then they are free to fight as normal.

As soon as the French realise that the ruin is occupied the officer decides to change the focus of the 'sport' and attempts to rout the British from the farm. The French have twelve turns to try to roust the British from the ruin. Each turn the French may receive reinforcements, roll a d6 and consult the table below;

D6 Roll No of reinforcements
1 0
2-3 2
4-5 3
6 4

Reinforcements should be 2:1 regular line infantry to voltigeurs. These troops represent nearby French troops that can be 'persuaded' to join in, by a voltigeur sergeant that Dubreton has sent back to find extra men.

Victory Conditions: 

The British must hold the line for twelve turns.

The French must roust the British from the ruin. After 50% British casualties are taken the rifles must test for Courage each turn. If they fail the test they will fallback..

The French do not have to take Courage test. The game ends at the end of turn twelve.

Special Note: The Rifles, on the whole, should be in pretty heavy cover. It might be necessary to make troops shooting at them make two 'in the way' rolls.

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