Scenario 1

Grab the Guerrilla

Guerrilla Leader held here. British reinforcements arrive here. French reinforcements arrive here. Lieutenant Le Beouf died here. Rifles sniped from here.

Pedro's Farm, somewhere in Spain

Images from the game.

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Pedro's Farm  Voltigeurs take cover  Rifles sniping  Death of Lt Le Beouf  French reinforcements

In the nick of time  Escape foiled  Duval & Blunt  Enter Ensign Denny  Fallback!


A leader of a local Guerrilla group has tried to make contact with the British. Major Hogan, Wellington's chief intelligence officer has despatched a small force of Riflemen, under Lt Jack Blunt, to meet the Spaniard and bring him to Headquarters. Unfortunately a roving patrol of Frenchmen stumble on the Guerrilla's hiding place. the leader of the French patrol, a Lieutenant Le Beouf, suspects the mysterious Spaniard of being a guerrilla and sends for assistance while he questions him. Blunt realises what has happened and must rescue the Spaniard before he can be taken away by the French.

The game begins with a unit of seven Volitgeurs led by Le Beouf occupying the farm. Le Beouf and one man are positioned inside the barn guarding the Guerrilla leader and his companion. The others are stationed around the farm. The eight Rifles, led by Lt Blunt, enter the table on the road at the eastern edge.

From Turn three onwards roll to see if any reinforcements arrive. On a d6 roll of 1 or 6 the reinforcements would turn up 2-5 nothing arrives. A score of 1 French troops arrive, on a score of  6 British troops come. After the reinforcements start to arrive this dice roll turns to 1-3 French reinforcements would come, 4-6 British, each turn. Each side gains d6 reinforcements entering at the initial starting points.

As soon as hand to hand combat can be heard in the farm yard, the two Spaniards have to make a Courage test. If they pass they attack the soldier guarding them and attempt to escape.

Victory Conditions:

The British must release the two Spaniards and escape off the board with them.

The French must prevent the escape of the Spaniards.

If the Spaniards die, the game is a draw.

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