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London Street Lights

Models like street lights really help to capture the feel of a period. Finding street furniture in 28mm is pretty tricky. You will see other street lights in London pictures around this site. The solid lights are splendid models from Eureka Miniatures, they come from  the Pax Limpopo range and are described as alien shape-shifters. The lights featured here I found in a Christmas shop in 2005. As soon as I saw them I knew they were too good to miss. They make excellent Posh end of town lights. I initially planned to mount each lamppost separately, but then decided that I just had to have working lights. 

Models designed and built by Tim

Lion Fountain

This piece is made on a 10" cake-board. The statue in the middle of the pool is there to cover up the power pack. the lion is from my son's toy box.



The Knight Statue

This piece was the first set of lights to be used. The knight is an Empire Knight from my Warhammer army. The railings around it are 00 gauge railway components.

This picture shows the various parts of this one piece of scenery. The power pack is concealed in the base of the statue. 

Posh Light (Close up)

This picture is a close up of the posh street light and as you can see, I just couldn't resist them I only bought one set to start with then rushed back later and only managed to get one more set. Here's hoping they get more this year. 

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