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The West London Imperial Museum

Another great model, here we have the museum which often houses artefacts that cause a great deal of problems for our characters, as they always end up being stolen or containing some trapped daemon!

The Museum is another multipurpose building. In this case Pete designed this building so it could be assembled in a variety of different ways so it can be used for various things: The Museum, a Library, a civic centre or a stately home. It is a hugely flexible model. As with all of our models, the roofs come off allowing access to all areas.

Model designed and built by Pete



Alternative construction.

This picture shows the flexibility of this model as it demonstrates another way in which the building can be made. Pete took great care when designing doors and windows so they can line  up with a number of others, enabling the different units to go together in a number of different ways.


This picture shows the various sections that this building is made from. When designing a layout of this building we can use as little or as much of it as we wish. It can be split into smaller buildings or a whole complex.



These pictures shows the interior detail of the main halls. On one wall is a large frieze from some Egyptian temple. The balcony in the main hall has the Last Supper overlooking it. The tiled floors, rugs and pictures are all images taken from the net.

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