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MI1  The Ministry of International Intrigue


The offices of the Ministry of International Intrigue also known as MI! can be found on the north side of Lion's Square. This is another great model by Ben. It is the headquarters for all official wierdness. Sir Henry, obviously, has connections with the boffins who work here. It was in the lab at MI1 in the sub-basement that the rocket packs of  Captain Carstairs' unit were developed. The sub basement includes R&D areas and a secure cell for the Ministry's important guests. The Ministry building appears to be quite normal from the outside. The secret areas can only be reached by the central elevator, which, of course, has secret settings to access secret areas of the building.

Model designed and made by Ben


 The sub basement laboratory. You can see the elevator in the lowered position, the weapons testing room and the observation cell on the left (very Hannibal Lector) The basement is just storage areas and stock rooms.


Entrance Level with the elevator at that level. Like all good secret establishments it manages to not draw attention to itself, hence the formal decoration. The First Floor with  meeting rooms and offices.

With the roof on. Notice the large flat roof sections for figure placement. The dome on the top came from a European water tower railway kit. MI1 in situ near Lion's Square.

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