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The Olde Green Dragon Public House


The Green Dragon is another large multi part model. It works very well in the middle of our London table and has seen a good deal of action. It has two main bar areas, a snug and kitchen on the ground floor. The first floor is mostly staircases and walkways around the two bars, done mostly for ease of play, there is also the publican's room. The third floor will eventually have separate bedrooms, it currently is just one large attic. The back yard is also part of the ground floor piece, with suitably high walls. this means it is a self contained model, very useful for defining street corners an alleys. I made this model a couple of years ago and it still needs finishing inside. I have added various bits of resin furniture from FrontLine and the outside has received a liberal coating of posters which really help give it a period feel.

Model designed and made by Tim


 The ground floor, two bars and a billiard table, piano and other furniture. Some walls, still black, need finishing. First floor added you can see the landings allow access to the bar areas and open the model up. You can also see the publican's room.


Second floor on, one large room, to become several smaller bedrooms and the flat roof section with roof access. All roofs on, quite a tall model, makes a good centre piece.

Views of the side and back yard. The walls help to define streets and alleys and help to make the city feel we are after. Note the posters, it is evident from Victorian photos that most flat surfaces ended up with posters and advertising hoardings on them. these are all Railway model signs and they work jolly well. 

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