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Note these rules still need some play testing. I would appreciate your feedback especially if you have also tried the unit rules from LOTOW: ALAMO


Forming a Block

Some troops may form blocks to provide greater protection for themselves. A block can be formed by five or more figures if they are suitably armed. A block may be formed by troops armed with pike, shot or pike and shot.

A block must have at least five figures in two or more ranks. The figures must be in base to base contact.

 Blocks may only move at half pace 3.

Before any figure moves to attack a block of troops it must first pass a courage test, this represents the figure considering how it is going to beat a concentrated group of pike points or make it through a hail of concentrated shot. 

Figures in a block that wish to engage another block add 1 to their courage and only one test is made for the whole block made on the highest C present.

Figures armed with Sword and Buckler add 1 to their Courage as they are armed specifically to take on blocks.

Cavalry figures which pass a courage test may charge a block but will not gain any cavalry bonuses (+1A or knock down)

Shooting at a block

The downside of being in a block is that they provide an excellent target for enemy shot. If a figure shoots at a block he may reroll a miss. If the second roll is a hit it strikes a figure that is adjacent to the original target, (selected by the player who controls the block)