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Thanks to the growing use of  guns more and more soldiers wore less and less armour. In many cases soldiers had to supply their own armour. It is difficult in game terms to be specific especially as players will use models from different suppliers so we have simplified armour for 1588&AT



Although gunpowder weapons were making many forms of armour obsolete only a fool would venture onto a battlefield without attempting to protect his head. A figure wearing a helmet does not gain any extra  D bonuses as in most cases most blows would be aimed at the central mass of the body, however to represent their ability to save a fellow’s life from headshots and flying debris a figure wearing a helmet is allowed a Helmet Save similar to a fate roll, but it only works on a 5+. This roll is made when ever he is wounded. Wounds inflicted by blackpowder weapons only receive a 6+ save and wounds inflicted by shot from a cannon do not get a helmet roll.

Light Armour  adds +1D to a figure’s stats

Light Armour is represented on a figure by a leather jack, a jack of plait

Heavy Armour adds +2D to a figure’s stats

Heavy Armour is represented on a figure by plate metal; Breast and back plate, breast plate only, pauldrons etc.



3/4 Armour

3/4 Armour is the heaviest form of armour of the day. It is usually only worn by heavy cavalry and some heroes. A figure in 3/4 Armour has a helm, full armour on his top half (body and arms) tassets on his thighs and high boots. 3/4 Armour confers all the bonuses of Heavy Armour plus it has a Helmet save of 4+.