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Saturday 28th March: Excel, London

We took 1588 And All That to Salute this year and had a dashed good time. As is evident from the above picture the main feature on the table was a model of Kentwell Hall in Suffolk and the main feature off the table were the devilishly handsome Tudor soldiers who ran the game.

Our game involved a simple scenario with four Spanish warbands doing their hardest to loot and forage from the Suffolk countryside and two English trained bands trying to prevent them. The game was also set up so each force would be competing against each other, so if the end of the game approached and there was a chance you could win by gaining points from 'friendly fire' you were encouraged to do so, and unsurprisingly some Spanish warbands did just that, but not the English, Huzzah!

Spirit Of The Game would like to thank the South London Warlords for putting on yet another excellent show. Tim would like to thank the chaps who turned up at his house the night before the event to finish painting that rather large house; cheers fellas.

Click on the thumbnails below to get a closer look at our game.


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